Outdoor Sectional


Relax in Style

Poolside or the patio, this sectional will look great in any outdoor setting.



Endless Options

Maverick was designed to tessellate, opening the door to infinite arrangement possibilities. Leave the cushion on for a comfy lounge or remove for a practical table to hold that refreshing drink.



All About That Base

100% Aluminum frame is lighter than steel and won't rust if you forget to cover it during the winter. Powder coated white with a clear coat for added protection from the elements.

Your Summer Just Got Brighter

5 bold colors to mix and match. Made from Sunbrella® fabric for longer lasting vibrancy and stain/dirt resistance.


Go Strapless

Save the straps for your boots. These cushions have sewn-in magnets that affix to the aluminum base. For you smarty pants, there are hidden steel plates which allows the magnetism to work.

Get A Grip

Upgrade your cushion with a waterproof, stippled-finish fabric for a slip-free grip.

Local Pride

Made in America. Denver, Colorado to be exact.




Square: 28"l 28"w 12"h

Triangle: 28"l 24.25"w 12"h


Squares: 28"l 28"w 4"h

Triangle: 28"l 24.25"w 4"h

  • Sunbrella® outdoor acrylic fabric
  • 4" water-resistant foam
  • Sewn-in rubber coated neodymium magnets
  • Made locally in Denver, Colorado
  • 5 vibrant colors to choose from

For purchasing inquiries, send me a note.